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Dec. 31, 2019 would have been my departure from the physical world. My last cognitive interaction with my wife, daughters, family, friends and world. If not for the immediate response by my rescuers @andrewlogreco , @kaiborggarcia , @northshorelifeguardassociation , @_danielrusso_ and all the others, I would never have seen 2020 or beyond. Serendipitous as it may sound, I am seeing the world clearer then ever. 5 days in the hospital. Finally home after the incredible performance and work by the Queens neurosurgery and trauma team. Removing blood between brain and skull, suturing the ruptured meningeal layers and installing metal plates to correct the fracture. Now, seeing my daughter’s smiles, laughter and subtle movements. Different than a week ago. They change so quickly at this age. Hearing my wife’s voice and watching her gentle movements around our home, our dog’s love and that morning light warm the pictures on the walls. Family, friends. Wow. The prayers and love that flooded in the day of the accident and continue to come are the reason I am still here. Thank you. My reflection on all of this begins. An abyss I can barely begin to fathom. I am aware and present. Motor skills intact. Feeling fortunate, blessed and so very grateful. Let the healing process begin 🙏💜. Happy new year!

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