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What an incredible day !Different emotions in just a few minutes . I was doing a down wind from tahiti ( mahina ) to moorea(vaiare) when a hammer shark chased my foil and bite it. He broke the tail of my @signaturefoils so I could not keep going . Then I sat on my @firewiresurfboards and waved at my friends on the boat to come and pick me up.After 2-3 minutes by « myself » , I felt something was wrong so I looked around me and stayed in alert just in case the shark would come back again . I was right ! The 3-4 meters hammer shark came back again at me so I put my foil in between him and I to protect myself. He bite my foil for the second time realizing it was definitely not eatable and swam back away from me . The boat picked me up a few minutes after and I was safe . 15 minutes later I decided to go foil again and finished the race we had. I felt like surfing at teahupoo when it’s 10-12 foot ! We know the risk to get hurt or even dying but the love of our sport is too strong. EVERY TIME I go foiling in the deep blue , I’ve seen hammers sharks cruising around so I know the risk since the beginning.The ocean is their world and I respect that ! No bad feelings at all ! He just owe me a new foil 😜. #PlusDePeurQueDeMal #WrongPlaceWrongTime #ParataMode #Anaa

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